iSideWith has over 2.7 billion answers to our political opinion polls, across 41 countries. These insights are now available as custom datasets for academic or political science research. Our self service tool allows you to download datasets about popular issues segmented by voter political affiliation, ideology, state, city, zipcode, voting district, and referral website. Census data estimates are available by age, income, race, and education. Personally identifiable information about voters is never included.

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iSideWith political polling makes it easy to get insightful opinions from millions of voters in Italy or in your local district. You create the question and we’ll provide you with detailed geographic and demographic analytics of your results.

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iSideWith is the largest destination for engaged voters in Italy. Increase awareness and support for your cause, campaign or service through targeted display and video advertising.

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The iSideWith email subscription service connects interested voters with a targeted cause or campaign. With a double opt-in, voters explicitly opt-in to future communication with you and confirm via email. This provides a highly targeted list that is actively engaged and interested in your issue.

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