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Our Mission

iSideWith is an interactive, non-partisan website that helps voters track how their views compare to political parties, local candidates and local legislation. Users answer a series of questions on important national issues including Taxes, Healthcare, and local issues such as city policy and local taxes. After they have completed the questionnaire, a complex algorithm provides a ranking, by percentage, of which candidates, parties and issues they side with.

We believe that if voters are reminded which political issues are important to them and are shown how their views align with political candidates they will be more likely to vote and influence their friends and family to do so.

An excellent way to get you thinking about your political opinions.

2024 Voting Guide

Our 2024 voting guide focuses on five important question voters will ask before voting:

1. Who should they vote for
2. What can they vote on
3. When can they vote
4. Where can they vote
5. Why they should vote for specific candidates and issues

The iSideWith voter guide organizes all of the answers to these questions into one highly personalized and localized resource that will increase voter turnout by giving them the tools they need to make an educated vote.

Best election web site for teachers.

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