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  @michaelconnely from Nebraska answered…2yrs2Y

Our medical establishment is corrupt and needs completely redesigned.

 @92DQP2K from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs2Y

Yes and also incentivize private companies to address this issue as well.

 @8XPV4DF from South Carolina answered…3yrs3Y

Yes, this would help decrease the homeless population in some places

 @8RSTXFT from Arizona answered…3yrs3Y

No, but people should be made more aware of the issues surrounding mental health.

 @IINXMP from Pennsylvania answered…3yrs3Y

No, but we should entirely cut taxes on companies that provide healthcare, garbage disposal, education, and emergency services.


Yes, it is constitutional to support the arts and sciences in various ways, especially when it benefits the well-being of citizens.

 @8QRCFQP from Tennessee answered…3yrs3Y

 @8PRH7QX from New Jersey answered…4yrs4Y

Mitigate the presence of the technological industrial system. It is the root cause of widespread depression and mental health issues.

 @8P8TVTS from California answered…4yrs4Y

We need to heavily scrutinize current psychological research standards. This area needs effective funding not to be the money hole that it is.

 @7MDHCLH from Nevada answered…4yrs4Y

 @8P4J799 from Wisconsin answered…4yrs4Y

 @8NY4BWF from Texas answered…4yrs4Y

This is. a much larger question than yes vs. no. Depends on the mental illness, what the plan to help individuals would be and what happens with the research?

 @8M64XKW from Georgia answered…4yrs4Y


No. Increase funding for Crystal meth / slamming research and treatment.


Yes, but only if the research includes studying transgenders and homosexuals.


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