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CasaPound policies on economic issues



the Economy  ›  Taxes

Should Italy raise taxes on the rich?

C>C  Party’s support baseYes, and raise taxes on all income brackets

the Economy  ›  Domestic Jobs

Should the government provide tax incentives to private companies to keep jobs within the country?

C>C  Party’s support baseYes, and drastically increase taxes and import tariffs on outsourcing businesses

the Economy  ›  Minimum Wage

Should the government raise the national minimum wage?

C>C  Party’s support baseYes

the Economy  ›  Universal Basic Income

Do you support a universal basic income program?

C>C  Party’s support baseNo

the Economy  ›  Offshore Banking

Should Italian citizens be allowed to save or invest their money in offshore bank accounts?

C>C  Party’s support baseNo

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the Economy  ›  Church Tax

Should the church tax be abolished?

C>C  Party’s support baseNo

the Economy  ›  Farm Subsidies

Should the EU subsidize farmers?

C>C  Party’s support baseYes

the Economy  ›  Tariffs

Should the government add or increase tariffs on products imported into the country?

C>C  Party’s support baseYes

the Economy  ›  Labor Unions

Do you believe labor unions help or hurt the economy?

C>C  Party’s support baseHurt

the Economy  ›  Welfare

Should there be fewer or more restrictions on current welfare benefits?

C>C  Party’s support baseFewer